Bar / Bat Mitzvah Venues near Long island, and entire tri state area, NY Edit

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The Andrew Hotel
Great Neck, NY
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Gansett Green Manor
Amagansett, NY
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Southampton Social Club
Southampton, NY
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Royal Palm Banquet Hall
Farmingdale, NY
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Carlyle At the Palace
Plainview, NY
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Woodbury Jewish Center
Woodbury, NY
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Viana Hotel and Spa
Westbury, NY
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East Wind Long Island
Wading River, NY
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Gurney's Montauk
Montauk, NY
The Somerley
Woodbury, NY
48x48 sq 1388086633765 somerley 48x48 sq 1388086643229 somerle 48x48 sq 1388086647683 somerley 48x48 sq 1388086652849 somerley
Allegria Hotel
Long Beach, NY
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Cradle of Aviation Museum
Garden City, NY
48x48 sq 1333559361197 cradle6 48x48 sq 1333560584300 vclslarge 48x48 sq 1333559541970 cradle11 48x48 sq 1333559372436 cradle2
The All Star
Riverhead, NY
48x48 sq 1423602362738 main 48x48 sq 1423602338549 vortex 48x48 sq 1423601296090 victorylanes 48x48 sq 1423601315822 billiard
Bridgeview Yacht Club
Island Park, NY
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Sands Point Preserve
Port Washington, NY
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North Ritz Club
Syosset, NY
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Leonard's Palazzo
Great Neck, NY
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The Inn at New Hyde Park
New Hyde Park, NY
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Finding the best Long island, and entire tri state area, NY bar / bat mitzvah locations can be challenging! MitzvahWire has the largest selection of bar / bat mitzvah venues to search in the Long island, and entire tri state area, NY area. You will need to start by figuring out how ...
many guests you plan on having and then start to build a budget for your event. It is sometime difficult to finalize your guest list, but it will help you choose the perfect venue for your bar / bat mitzvah . You will find locations fit for all sizes of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs . From hotels to museums, from mansions to gardens, BithdayWire will make it easy to find the best locations for your Long island, and entire tri state area, NY bar / bat mitzvah .